We Fight Chest Pain. Fast. | Norton Healthcare Louisville, Ky.

We Fight Chest Pain. Fast.

When you have a heart attack, minutes count. The sooner blood flow is restored, the less damage there is to heart muscle, and the greater the chance of survival. When it comes to heart attack, time is muscle. Restoring blood flow quicker gives the heart muscle a better chance to recover and avoid permanent damage.

Norton Heart & Vascular Institute specialists treat more people for heart and vascular care — about 250,000 every year — than any other provider in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

  • All four of Norton Healthcare’s adult acute-care hospitals are accredited by the American College of Cardiology’s Accreditation Services as Chest Pain Centers, with the highest accreditation level possible for facilities able to treat heart attacks.
  • We have more than 45 board-certified cardiovascular physicians and 30 advanced practice providers. Through training and years of experience, they specialize in areas such as cardiologyinterventional cardiologycardiothoracic surgeryelectrophysiologyadvanced heart failure and vascular surgery.
  • We offer same-day appointments for new patients.
  • We have 27 locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Telecardiology is offered at more than 30 clinical sites in the region.
  • We have the experience, expertise and easy access you’d expect from the largest cardiovascular care provider in Kentucky.

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