Free breastfeeding support for moms

24/7 online breastfeeding help now available

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What not to say to a new mom

Postpartum depression can affect women after the birth of a baby. Here’s what to say and not say to your loved one.

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Can swaddling kill your baby?

New studies point to increased risk for SIDS; local expert weighs in.

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What does it mean to be a mom?

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers from Norton Women’s Care

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8 tips for working moms

Eating out frequently, hiring a housekeeper and having a nanny are not for everyone. If you feel that way and you’re a working mom, how do you get it all done and maintain your sanity? From leftovers to lists, these tips may help.

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Pacifier saliva could inadvertently help prevent allergies

Not sure what to clean that dirty pacifier with when it falls out of your baby’s mouth and onto the ground?

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Keeping snuggle and sleep time safe

Though it may seem irresistible to snuggle up with a baby, that’s one thing you should avoid

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