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Numbness and weakness in your arms or legs? It may be your back

If you experience frequent numbness and weakness in your arms or legs, the issue may be in your back. Over time, the gradual wear and tear of the vertebrae protecting the spinal cord can lead to compression of the spinal cord or the nerve roots that run through the openings between the bones of the…

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If you have numbness, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, the issue may be in your neck

If you commonly experience a sensation of numbness, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, there is a chance that issue may trace back to your neck. Spinal cord compression is more common as we age. Weakness and sensory changes in the extremities is a giveaway that spinal cord compression may be happening in…

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Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. partner to provide quality home recovery programs

Everyone knows there’s no place like home. That’s especially true when recovering from illness or injury. Norton Healthcare and LHC Group Inc. announced recently the formation of a joint venture partnership – creating Norton Home Health – to enhance in-home health care services for patients in Louisville and across the region. The two organizations will…

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Kentucky legislator recovering from rare spinal cord tumor

Rep. Kim King has represented central Kentucky’s 55th District for almost a decade. She knows the halls of the state Capitol by heart and has cast hundreds of votes on the House floor. But this year’s legislative session takes on a different meaning for the Harrodsburg, Kentucky, native. Just four months ago, she learned that…

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