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Shepherdsville, KY 40165

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What to consider as you age and contemplate whether it’s time to stop driving

Driving and aging, dementia or other memory loss conditions are hard topics to discuss with loved ones. When to stop driving is a difficult thing to consider for yourself, as it can mean the loss […]

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Young Parkinson’s patient uses restaurant contacts to help produce Denim & Diamonds Gala Celebration

Jason Smith always assumed the tremor in his right hand was caused by drinking a lot of coffee. Turns out, it actually was one of the first symptoms of young-onset Parkinson’s disease. Jason was diagnosed […]

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5 signs you need to see a gynecologist

If you notice something out of the ordinary “down there” or something just doesn’t feel right, you may wonder if it’s time to see a gynecologist. There is no need to feel awkward or embarrassed […]

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Dehydration cramps

If dehydration leg cramps are cramping your exercise routine, the cure might be as close as your water bottle. Cramps from dehydration are usually harmless but painful. Here is the lowdown on what causes leg […]

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Foods to avoid when breastfeeding

It’s important to avoid certain foods when breastfeeding. Your diet can affect your breast milk and the nutrients that are passed on to your baby. Making healthy choices can fuel milk production and support your […]

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