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Norton Cancer Institute – Shelbyville

Norton Cancer Institute is a regional leader in cancer prevention, treatment, research and survivorship.

In addition to our current, state-of-the-art therapies, Norton Cancer Institute provides a gateway to National Cancer Institute- and industry-sponsored cancer clinical research trials, offering promising new options. Combined with Norton Cancer Institute’s suite of support services and resources, you and your loved ones will find everything you need to feel empowered through the journey.

Address: 131 Stonecrest Road, Suite 100
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Main Phone: 502-633-7093

Hours: Please Call For Hours

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Lauren Jones: ‘My shot of hope’

Hope. It’s just about the only thing some of us still have after the pandemic took everything else. It’s taken me nine months, and many hours of therapy, to understand that I can’t fault other people for […]

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Fall allergy season is coming

Fall in the Ohio Valley is tough — ragweed and pigweed are blooming, and combined with hot, humid weather and poor air quality, it can make for a miserable couple of months for people with […]

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Parkinson’s disease medications increase or retain dopamine to address symptoms

Parkinson’s disease medications are designed to increase dopamine levels in the brain or slow the breakdown of the brain’s dopamine, lessening the tremors and other symptoms. Dopamine is a chemical involved in movement, and its […]

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Dementia risk increases dramatically after age 60 — here’s what to watch for

Symptoms of dementia in older adults aren’t reflected in the occasional mental slip, but a more substantial decline — the kind of drop in mental ability that interferes with daily activities and affects independence. Misplacing […]

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Migraine medications for prevention and to reduce pain of attacks

Migraine medications fall into two broad categories: medications designed to reduce the pain and other symptoms, and those designed to prevent headaches from happening in the first place. Migraine medications that reduce symptoms of a […]

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