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If dementia has touched your life, this free online seminar may provide some answers

Learn the latest developments in dementia care, including the caregiver burden, reversible causes and more

Find out the latest in dementia treatments, research and support resources from neurosurgeon Christopher B. Shields, M.D., and other providers from Norton Neuroscience Institute.

The 2020 Neuroscience Expo is a free event, designed to offer the latest in education and resources. This year’s event will be held exclusively online.

If you, someone close to you or someone you care for has been affected by dementia, the Neuroscience Expo will provide valuable information. The conference also will be archived and available for a month following the live event.

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Common Types of Dementia and Their Presentations

If a loved one is starting to show signs of cognitive impairment, this session will help you recognize the common types of dementia.

2020 Neuroscience Expo: Dementia

The 2020 Neuroscience Expo will be available online through Nov. 24.

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Courtney Ware, APRN

Therapy’s Role in Dementia

Learn how occupational therapy can help those with dementia retain existing function.

Adrienne Humphrey, OT

Identifying and Addressing Caregiver Burden

The caregiver role can be stressful. Learn about the importance of identifying and addressing the support needs of caregivers to avoid burnout.

Christopher B. Hurley, MSW, CSW

Differential Diagnoses and Potentially Reversible Causes of Dementia

Learn about the possible disorders that could be causing dementia and the potentially reversible conditions that may cause or mimic dementia.

Christopher B. Shields, M.D.

Sundowning and Sleep Disturbances in Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may cause issues with sleeping or increases in behavioral issues that begin at dusk. Learn about the causes of this phenomenon and the available treatments and ways to address these issues.

Brandon C. Dennis, Psy.D.


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