Free online medical seminar for those with epilepsy, caregivers and family

Learn about developments in epilepsy care, including mental health considerations and more.

Learn more about the unique mental health challenges confronted by those with epilepsy, as well as  considerations women with epilepsy should consider, and get some insight into the reasons physicians ask what they ask.

Providers from Norton Neuroscience Institute will discuss these topics at the free 2020 Neuroscience Expo. The event, designed to offer the latest in education and resources, will be held exclusively online this year.

If you, someone close to you or someone you care for has been affected by epilepsy, the Neuroscience Expo will provide valuable information. The conference also will be archived and available for a month following the live event.

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Meaghen L. Hart-Williams, APRN

2020 Neuroscience Expo – Epilepsy

The 2020 Neuroscience Expo will be available online through Nov. 24.

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Epilepsy: Your burning questions answered

Epilepsy specialists address the most frequently asked questions concerning epilepsy.

Ambica M. Tumkur, M.D.

Lauren Johnson, APRN

Approach to epilepsy treatments

Join an epilepsy specialist as he explores the various treatment options for epilepsy.

William F. Dotson II, M.D.

Epilepsy and mental health

Living with seizures is tough. It’s common to experience a range of emotions living with epilepsy, like sadness, frustration, anger and even embarrassment. Join us for this session to hear an epilepsy specialist discuss epilepsy and mental health.

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