5 health stories you may have missed (8/4/2017)

Find a doctor who doctors recommend, learn about health ministries, check your child’s sports physical off the back-to-school to-do list, and more stories you may have missed

How health ministries offer whole-person wellness

Spiritual health is an important component of physical health. Interested in promoting health and wellness in your faith community? Learn more here.

Norton Healthcare has the doctors that doctors recommend

When Louisville-area physicians were asked who they would recommend to friends or family, these Norton Healthcare doctors made the list.

Breastfeeding in Kentucky is still a struggle

Kentucky ranks 48th out of the 50 states plus District of Columbia in lowest breastfeeding rates, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2016 Report Card on Breastfeeding. Here’s how Norton Healthcare offers breastfeeding support.

Veggie pasta bake recipe

This vegetarian pasta dish packs flavor without the fat and calories.

Check your child’s sports physical off the back-to-school to-do list!

April Mattingly, M.D., with Norton Children’s Medical Associates – Poplar Level, offers advice on how a specialist in children’s health can ensure your child is ready to compete in sports.



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