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Be careful mixing ‘Blackout,’ alcohol and sun while tailgating for the Notre Dame game

Monday’s Louisville football season opener against Notre Dame will be a “Blackout,” and the temperatures will be high.

Monday’s Louisville Cardinals football home opener against Notre Dame will be in the evening, but the tailgating looks to be under a blazing sun. And it’s a “Blackout” game, with fans encouraged to dress in black.

Here are some risks of alcohol and sun exposure and tips on how to stay safe.

Wear Light-colored Clothing

You can always change into your “Blackout” gear after tailgating and before kickoff. Dark clothing absorbs heat and intensifies the sun’s effects on the body.

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Stay Hydrated

High temperatures and alcohol each can cause dehydration. Mixing them together is asking for trouble. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it will increase urine output and can hasten dehydration. The sun makes you sweat. Combined, you may be losing fluids far faster than you realize. Stay ahead of dehydration by drinking plenty of water or sports drinks, and moderate the alcohol.

Know the Signs of Heatstroke

  • Behavioral changes
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Lack of sweating

Heatstroke is a medical emergency and can cause loss of consciousness; damage to the heart, brain and kidneys; and even death.

If you are around someone with heatstroke symptoms, call 911 immediately.

While you’re waiting for emergency medical help to arrive, move the person into the shade or a cool building, and help cool the body with fans, iced or wet towels, or water.

Passing Out

When your body warms up, your blood vessels open up and expand. This dilation can make you more susceptible to passing out if you aren’t hydrated. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels, so be extra careful when mixing the two.

Reckless Behavior

This can’t be overemphasized: If someone has been drinking, don’t let him or her drive.

Read more about dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke

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