Bonnie St. John to speak at free Louisville event | Norton Healthcare Louisville, Ky.

Bonnie St. John to speak at free Louisville event

Paralympic medalist Bonnie St. John will speak at the Go Confidently speaker series June 26. The event is free.

Paralympic medalist and best-selling author Bonnie St. John will appear at the Go Confidently free inspirational speaker series Wednesday, June 26.

Bonnie lost her leg at age 5, but she didn’t let that — or anything else — hold her back from achieving greatness.

“I started out in San Diego, where there is no snow and had my left leg amputated when I was 5 years old,” Bonnie said. “I went on to join the Paralympic team as an alpine skier and became the first African American to win Winter Olympic medals.”

Bonnie won a silver medal in the women’s alpine combined and bronze medals in the women’s slalom and giant slalom at the 1984 Paralympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria.

She graduated from Harvard University, became a Rhodes scholar and served in the Clinton administration.

Resilience and positivity

According to Bonnie, her ability to handle obstacles helped her earn those achievements.

“It’s about finding ways to cultivate resilience — not just to fall down and get up, but to get good at getting back up,” Bonnie said.

On Wednesday, June 26, Bonnie will share how you can overcome challenges, big and small — by finding your own greatness.

“One easy thing you can do to strengthen your positivity muscles is to start every day with positivity,” Bonnie said.

One way is starting each morning with a reminder of three things you’re grateful for, according to Bonnie.

Another way to flex your positivity muscles is to create a first-aid kit for your attitude. Fill a box with family photos, items from a vacation or thank-you notes to help recenter on a bad day.

“I am so excited about being back in Louisville on June 26, and sharing ideas with you about how to boost your energy, focus, drive, and exercise your positivity muscles,” Bonnie said.

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