Can a kiss save you from breast cancer?

Kiss and Tell to promote mammograms

Breast cancer affects one in eight women every year. But there is conflicting information about when women should first be screened with a mammogram. We want to set the record straight: Most organizations recommend annual clinical breast exams beginning at age 40.

The Norton Healthcare Foundation and Norton Women’s Care have joined the Revlon “Love Is On” Million Dollar Challenge to help kiss cancer goodbye. The challenge encourages women to get a mammogram and raises funds to help provide mammograms for underserved women in the community.

Send us a virtual kiss by making a minimum $10 donation online. The organization that raises the most money before Wednesday, Oct. 26, will win an additional $1 million donation from Revlon. The top five fundraising organizations that raise the most money for their causes in the same time frame will receive an additional donation from Revlon. These funds can help provide mammograms to women in our community who can’t afford them, potentially saving lives.

Then, “tell” the women you love — your mother, sisters and friends — to schedule a mammogram. You can schedule your mammogram and 3-D mammogram online. You can also  “kiss and tell” your friends to do the same by challenging them on Facebook. Take a photo of yourself making a lip-print on something, and challenge them to participate using #KissAndTell!

Visit one of our kissing booths below. For each donation, you can mail a postcard to a friend or loved one to encourage them to protect their health and support this challenge.

Booths will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day:

Thursday, Oct. 6 – Norton Women’s & Norton Children’s Hospital cafeteria

Friday, Oct. 7 – Watterson Towers, 1930 Bishop Lane

Tuesday, Oct. 11 – Norton Brownsboro Hospital cafeteria

Learn 4 reasons women aren’t getting their mammograms.

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