Change your eating habits to lose weight

Simple eating behavior changes - instead of dieting - works.

I read the other day that fewer people are making New Year’s resolutions. After all, why make them if you can’t keep them. One common resolution has been to lose weight, but that’s like joining the gym in January hoping somehow you’ll still with it.

But here is something that may make your weight loss plan work. Cornell researchers found that making simple eating behavior changes – instead of dieting – works. Making these small changes on a consistent basis – 25 days or more per month – can lead to substantial weight loss, according to research by professor Brian Wansink in Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab. Of the 504 participants in the study, “more than two thirds either lost weight or maintained their weight. Weight loss was highest among people who made changes consistently.”

So what are some of these “simple changes”?

  • Keep counters clear of all foods but the healthy ones.
  • Never eat directly from a package – always portion food out onto a dish.
  • Eat something hot for breakfast within the first hour of waking up.
  • Avoid going more than 3 or 4 hours without having something small to eat.
  • Put down your utensils between bites to slow down your eating.

Give it a try and let me know what happens.


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