Drink up! It’s a babymoon

That is, drink water. Here’s why.

Babymoon: A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born

Considering a vacation for just the two of you before your new baby makes his or her appearance? We did! And many couples we know have taken a pre-childbirth trip to spend some quality time with their partner before baby’s arrival turns their world upside down.

While we did not intentionally plan on taking a babymoon, we already had a trip planned to Denver prior to finding out I was pregnant. So it just happened to work out that this trip would be our last “hoorah” before becoming parents.

I learned some things from my OB/GYN about traveling with a baby on board before we made our trip out West.

Two weeks before we were set to leave, I mentioned to my physician that I was planning to travel to Denver. She first asked if I was flying or driving. I was flying.

The first piece of advice she gave me was that I would need to get up and walk around on the flight at least every two hours.

She also advised me to drink a lot of water (at minimum 60 ounces every day) due to increased likelihood that I could become dehydrated due to the higher elevation.

We left on an early flight out of Louisville to Phoenix, and then on to Denver. The flight to Phoenix was around three hours, making it essential that I get up and walk the aisle a few times during our flight to keep my circulation moving.

Following a very brief layover — and by brief I mean 30 minutes to get from one plane to the next — we were off to Denver. A two-hour flight meant more walking up and down the aisle. Once we arrived in Denver it was all water all day every day.

Following this bit of advice helped me feel hydrated and kept the swelling in my ankles and feet to a minimum, a plus when it was 90 degrees or hotter each day.

As with all of our vacations together over the past decade, we had a great time exploring a new city and finding interesting places to visit and eat. As our trip came to a close and we headed back home, more aisle-walking ensued on our return flights.

My provider’s advice to drink up and keep moving proved to be, of course, the best action plan while traveling. I felt good almost every day we were there and Baby B. felt good too, or at least I assumed so given how much “dancing” he or she did while we were in Colorado.

One other piece of advice: If you’re traveling at around six months pregnant like I was, ask a flight attendant for a seat belt extender. Your clothes probably aren’t fitting the way they used to (and haven’t been for some time), which means those airplane seat belts won’t fit the way they used to either. You may not need a lot of extra length, but I promise you and your baby will be more comfortable.

If you’re planning a babymoon or have a scheduled work trip, discuss your travel plans with your medical provider. He or she can provide advice specific to your pregnancy needs to keep you safe and healthy during all your travels.

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