Eat your veggies

Study says vegetarians are less likely to have heart issues

The headline reads: “Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk by Third.” This was a British study involving nearly 45,000 people over 30-plus years. The study participants lived in Scotland and England, where about one-third of people are vegetarians. The research team found that “vegetarians had a 32 percent lower chance of being hospitalized or dying from heart disease versus people who ate meat or fish.” The key, they reported, could be lower blood pressure and cholesterol numbers among those who were vegetarians.

There are those who say the study is flawed because the vegetarians in the study were on average 10 years younger than the meat eaters. Another concern is how applicable this study could be to Americans. In Great Britain, people tend to have a lower body mass index, smoke less and are more active than their counterparts in the U.S. But another expert says the benefits of being vegetarian are well documented. Dr. Kevin Marzo, who is the chief of cardiology at Winthrop-University Hospital in New York, says the phrase eat your veggies “may be the best advice as you leave your cardiologist’s office in search of advice to reduce the risk of a heart attack.”



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