Fall prevention

One of the biggest worries older people live with is the fear of falling.

One of the biggest worries older people live with is the fear of falling. Falls can turn life upside down in a hurry. Ninety percent of hip fractures are caused by falls. One in five of those who fracture a hip will die within a year and one in four will no longer be able to live independently.

In 1991, Medicare costs for hip fractures were estimated to be nearly $3 billion. No wonder senior citizens worry so much about falling. It can lead to life-changing injuries that severely impair their health.

So what can we do to prevent hip fractures? One answer is to work on fall prevention. I found some great tips about preventing falls on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. It listed several things all of us can do as we age to prevent balance and health issues that lead to falls.

  • Exercise regularly, concentrating on leg strength and balance.
  • Ask your doctor to review your medicines and supplements that may cause dizziness.
  • Have your vision checked to maximize your ability to see well.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards at home and install grab bars in bathrooms and other high-traffic areas.
  • Get checked for osteoporosis and make sure you are not deficient in vitamin D.

A combination of exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise such as walking, plus other fall prevention measures can help the golden years stay that way.


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