Go confidently and never look back

Advice from Lizzie Velasquez

Advice from Lizzie Velasquez

“Am I going to let the people who called me a ‘monster’ define me?”

This is a quote from Lizzie Velasquez.

Velasquez, born with a rare condition that prevents her from gaining weight, faced torment and humiliation as a cyber-bullying victim when someone posted a video of her on the Internet referring to her as “the world’s ugliest woman.”

While it took a toll on her mentally, Velasquez eventually learned how to choose happiness for herself instead of being brought down by others’ negative comments about her. She was able to become the happy, confident woman she is today through the help of her family, friends and faith.

Velasquez spoke at Norton Healthcare’s “Go Confidently” speaker series in March. She spoke in front of a crowd of about 450 people, many of whom were adolescents, wanting to hear her story and seek advice on how to deal with bullying, not fitting in and self-esteem.

Velasquez’s success in choosing happiness was to let her goals, her success and her accomplishments define her instead of others’ opinions or harsh comments about her looks.

Here’s some other helpful hints from Velasquez about going confidently and being happy in your own life:

  • “No matter what comes into your life — whether it be good or bad, hard or easy — it comes into your life for a reason. Use that to shape you and your life, to help other people.”
  • “You can do something for someone or say something to someone one time and have it impact them for a lifetime.”
  • “People are mean to other people because they are hurting themselves.”
  • “Realize and count all the blessings you have in this life.”

Watch a video of Lizzie Valasquez’s Go Confidently talk and register for the next Go Confidently event here.


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