Going confidently through life

A lesson in being happy and living well

A lesson in being happy and living well

Go Confidently is a speaker series presented by Norton Healthcare. It was created to inspire people to realize their full potential through thoughtful discussions on health-related topics of interest. Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian inspired 480 Louisvillians on June 3 with her positive disposition, humor and cooking skills, while providing the audience with tips on eating healthfully on a budget.

D’Arabian lost her mother to suicide at only 20 years old; and although devastating, the crisis helped her grow as a woman, friend, wife and mother.

She refers to lessons she learned about the loss of her mother and a decade-long crisis of faith she experienced as an emergence — an emergence of happiness, of empathy and of reflection. She reflected on being the proprietor of her own happiness, having empathy, coming to terms with her mother’s death and, most important, the gift of making others happy as a way of commemorating her mother. For example, d’Arabian will make brownies for a neighbor or write a note to a relative — contribute something to the world — to commemorate her mother.

“One of the gifts of knowing how short life is, is knowing how not to waste it,” she said.

During her conversation, d’Arabian referred to herself as a trench buddy. A trench buddy is someone who is there for you during the hard times in your life. She said she felt that her life’s mission statement is to be a trench buddy for women, as she was blessed with four beautiful girls and feels a connection with helping women through their hardest times.

Her funniest and most helpful tip of the night was to serve an appetizer with beans when entertaining guests. Why? Because they are inexpensive and full of fiber and protein, and your guests will get full quickly.

“This saves you money on the entrée of the meal,” she said.

D’Arabian concluded her discussion by saying, “Thank you for letting me be your trench buddy and thank you for being mine today.”

Did you miss Melissa d’Arabian’s Go Confidently conversation and food samples? Check out some of her recipes at NortonGetHealthy.com

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