Got allergies?

For millions of people, the arrival of spring means the onset of allergies.

Pollen is evil. At least that’s what my mother will tell you – and she truly believes it. After suffering from serious allergies her entire life, who can blame her? Every spring she is reduced to a sneezing, nose-blowing, eye-watering mess. Fortunately for me, allergies are not always an inherited trait, and I’ve been lucky enough to avoid all that.

But for millions of people, the arrival of spring means the onset of allergies – and guess what, guys – yesterday was the official first day of spring (regardless of whether it’s been snowing or not!). So, do you have your Kleenexes ready?

Allergies don’t have to mean disappearing inside until summer, though. You can find relief from even some of the worst allergy symptoms. Here are some tips to help keep those symptoms under control:

  • Shower when you get home from work. It rinses off all the pollen that’s accumulated on your skin and clothes during the day.
  • Watch the pollen count and minimize time outside when levels get high.
  • Don’t line-dry your laundry. Tree and grass pollen can collect on your clothes, then enter your home … and your nose.
  • Talk to your allergist. You may benefit from over-the-counter, prescription medications or allergy shots.
  • Change your air filters in the spring if you have air conditioning, so you’re not circulating pollen particles throughout your house.
  • Try a saline nasal rinse. They’re great at washing away the pollen that’s irritating your nose and better than over-the-counter nasal spray decongestants that provide only temporary relief.

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