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Norton Healthcare volunteer benefits his community

Published: 12/16/2014

Norton Healthcare volunteer benefits his community, health

Eric Lehmann has been a volunteer with Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital since September 2014 after answering a Helping Hands advertisement in his local newspaper. At the time, then Norton Suburban Hospital was in need of volunteers to take on a new role as “ambassadors” to help patients and guests navigate the facility during the height of its construction and remodeling project. Lehmann has since hit the ground running helping patients, guests and staff while, in turn, benefiting his own health.

“I am happiest helping others,” Lehmann said. “So there is an intrinsic value in my time at Norton, and I am grateful for all the encouragement and appreciation I have received from staff and guests.”

While volunteers are busy helping others, they are also benefiting their own health. A recent study by UnitedHealth Group and the Optum Institute discovered that 76 percent of U.S. adult volunteers report that volunteering had made them feel physically healthier, while 78 percent of respondents said volunteering lowered their stress levels. And, a 2007 report by the Corporation for National & Community Service suggests that volunteers live longer and are less depressed later in life than those who do not volunteer.

For Lehmann, community service has always been one of his personal principles, making time to volunteer throughout his life. Coming to Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital provided a new outlet for his giving.

“I’m not sure that I chose health care or if it chose me,” Lehmann said. “It sounded like a wonderful way to help others in a way that is both meaningful and at a time when we can all use a helping hand.”

In his role as ambassador, Lehmann is responsible for ensuring patients, visitors, staff and vendors have a positive Norton experience.

“Guests are here under difficult circumstances, and I see my role as making their visit as pleasant as possible so they leave with a favorable impression of our team and speak favorably about us with friends and acquaintances,” Lehmann said.

And, Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital is happy to have Lehmann on its volunteer team.

“Eric is certainly a standout champion for our department and hospital,” said Rita Ross, manager of Volunteer Services at the hospital.

Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital, along with all Norton Healthcare facilities, are in need of passionate and dedicated volunteers like Lehmann. If you are interested in volunteering at one of our facilities, contact one of the following volunteer managers:

  • Norton Audubon Hospital: Connie Billharz, (502) 636-7463
  • Norton Brownsboro Hospital: Tori Jennings, (502) 446-8695
  • Norton Hospital: Melinda Townsend-Breslin, (502) 629-7075
  • Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital: Rita Ross, (502) 893-1229
  • Norton Children’s Hospital: Brenda O’Bryan, (502) 629-6122


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