Hepatitis C is curable, but not if you ignore it

Lifestyle choices may put you at risk for hepatitis C; make learning more your next choice.

Personal lifestyle choices may have you concerned about hepatitis C. But now is the time to find out for sure if you are carrying the virus. The earlier you get treatment for this curable disease, the better off you will be.

Hepatitis C treatment

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Who should get tested?

  • If you have symptoms of liver disease.
  • If you were treated with blood clotting drugs before 1987.
  • If you had an organ transplant or blood transfusion before 1992.
  • If you have had sex with someone with hepatitis C or with many partners.
  • If your birth mother had hepatitis C.

Advances in treatment are giving millions of people with chronic hepatitis C a chance for a longer, healthier life without the virus. It fact, it is curable in as little as eight weeks.

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