The right hepatitis C treatment plan, tailored to you

There are more treatments than ever for hepatitis C, and today’s medicines work better, more quickly and have far fewer side effects.

Many factors can affect the plan of care to treat hepatitis C, including genotype of the virus, stage of liver disease, whether you’ve had previous treatment and other health conditions you are experiencing. The Norton Complex Care Clinic works with you to develop a treatment plan for your unique needs.

It’s also important to know that eligibility requirements for hepatitis C treatment, such as documented sobriety or severity of liver damage (F score), have been removed. Norton Healthcare is in a unique position to treat all patients with chronic, active hepatitis C.

Norton Complex Care Clinic for hepatitis C treatment

Norton Complex Care Clinics in Louisville and Southern Indiana are dedicated to treating and curing patients with hepatitis C.

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A typical hepatitis treatment plan

Your treatment plan for hepatitis C will typically consist of the following:

  • Medical history: It is important for us to know whether you have been treated previously for hepatitis C or hepatitis B.
  • Blood sample: At your initial visit, we will order blood work, look for other infections, assess your liver and gather a baseline for all measurements prior to treatment.
  • FibroScan or FibroSure: we will conduct tests to assess the health of your liver.
  • Genotype: We will order a genotyping of your hepatitis C, so we can determine the best medication.
  • Consultation with pharmacy: Someone from our specialty pharmacy team will meet with you to discuss your medications, how to take them and their side effects, and answer your questions.
  • Prescriptions will be mailed to you: Call us when you receive your medications and start your first dose, as it is important to note the first day of treatment.
  • Four-week follow-up: You will visit the Norton Complex Care Clinic every four weeks during treatment to measure your progress and make sure the amount of virus in your blood is decreasing.
  • Eight to 12 weeks: Treatment usually lasts eight to 12 weeks, but it may vary depending on the type of hepatitis C you have and the medicine your doctor prescribes. If your fibrosis score is F3 or F4, indicating a greater level of liver damage, you may be treated for up to 24 weeks.
  • Four-month completion of care: Once you have completed treatment, you will be scheduled for a four-month follow-up to check the health of your liver and confirm that the active hepatitis C virus is gone. Once the virus is gone, you are cured.
  • Follow-up care: If you need further care, our team will connect you with other specialists and consult with your primary care provider to create a long-term follow-up plan.

Keys for hepatitis treatment success

There are more treatments than ever for hepatitis C. Medications work better, more quickly and with far fewer side effects than prior treatments. However, in order for a treatment plan to work as effectively as possible, it is very important to follow these keys for success:

  • Take your medications as prescribed. Set a daily reminder.
  • If you miss a dose, do not double up. Call your pharmacist immediately.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 64 ounces of water or other clear liquids daily. Make sure the liquids contain no caffeine, sugar or alcohol.
  • Tell your doctor about changes in other medications, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbal supplements and other supplements. Other medications can interact with your treatment or damage your liver.
  • Track your treatment. Note your medication start date and any side effects. Complete your entire treatment plan and attend scheduled follow-ups. It is very important that once you start treatment you complete it, as failure to complete treatment may make your hepatitis C harder to treat in the future. Scheduled follow-up exams will monitor side effects and help ensure your body is responding to your medications.

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