Holiday Home Safety

Hazard-proof your home for the holidays

Planning a safe season for young and old

Believe it or not, there are many things in and around your home that can make you trip or fall, especially during the holiday season. Keeping your home free of clutter is one way you can help prevent falls. Another is to take the time to walk through each room using this safety checklist. Dont forget the areas outside your home where you walk and spend time. Do you have any of the safety concerns listed below?

General areas

  • Poor lighting
  • Slippery or uneven floors
  • Throw rugs, runners, mats and curled-up carpet edges
  • Objects in walkways or pathways
  • Unstable seating, such as swivel chairs or chairs on wheels
  • Cleaning products that leave slippery surfaces
  • Electric cords in areas where you walk


  • Poor lighting
  • Unsturdy handrails
  • Uneven steps or steps in need of repair
  • Items placed on stairs


  • Unstable seating and/or using a step stool to reach items
  • Storage areas that require excessive bending or reaching for access
  • Wet floors
  • Appliances arranged inefficiently


  • Lack of grab bars in the shower and/or tub
  • Lack of non-skid surfaces in the shower and/or tub
  • Toilets that are wobbly or too close to the floor
  • Unstable towel rack or sink
  • Wet floors


  • Poor night lighting
  • Smooth surfaces that get slippery when wet, such as slate
  • Cluttered walkways and storage areas
  • Objects in walkways or pathways, such as a garden hose
  • Poor placement of trash and/or recycle bins
  • High curbs
  • Cracked concrete in walkways

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