Isn’t your health worth 5 minutes?

Quick and easy online health tools offer convenience

How much time are you willing to invest in preventing serious illnesses, such as cancer or diabetes? Would you give 5 minutes to take control of your health?

Online health risk assessments offer a glimpse into your future and allow you to make important lifestyle changes now that could stop disease in its track.

Norton Healthcare offers online health risk assessments for cancers of the breast, colon, lung and prostate as well as diabetes; heart disease; hip and knee pain; stroke; incontinence; and weight management.

“Health risk assessments can identify a person’s risk factors and help promote positive change toward a healthy lifestyle,” said Leesa Mattingly, BSN, R.N., OCN, breast health patient navigator, Norton Cancer Institute.

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Norton Healthcare began offering online health risk assessments in 2015. Read about more ways we are working to improve the health of our community in our 2015 Report to Our Community. Norton Healthcare is a not-for-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to offering comprehensive, compassionate patient care, we support our community through charitable giving — providing nearly $134 million in 2015.

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