Looking for a healthy date night idea? Try yoga

A personal perspective on the importance of taking time to wind down with those you love

I married my high school sweetheart and we have two amazing children. But between both of us working full time and parenting full time, date nights don’t come easy like they use to. We’ve traded dinner nights out and parties with friends for watching movies on a laptop if we can even stay up long enough to make it through opening credits. We’ve also traded peaceful nights for uninvited stress and sleeplessness. I know I’m not alone. Most busy families are just like mine.

So in the midst of daily chaos and in an effort to find more time for relaxation and togetherness, my husband and I have adopted yoga date nights. We keep it simple — sometimes we don’t even leave our home to do yoga. As long as we have each other, our mats and a DVD guiding us through downward facing dog and tadasana, we’re good!

According to the American Heart Association, yoga has many health benefits. It’s great for your heart, managing stress and of course keeping physically fit. Yoga can be used to improve heart health as a preventive measure or after facing a cardiac event.

As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, researchers say yoga can help lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function and heart rate, and boost circulation and muscle tone. Folks striking a proud warrior may even notice a difference after one session, with lower blood pressure and feeling more relaxed.

My husband and I found that our yoga date night brought us closer in a way we didn’t expect. Sharing this quiet time doing something good for our bodies really helped us reconnect after a hectic week.

So the next time you feel stressed or have a jam-packed week, schedule in some time to grab a mat and towel and head to your closest yoga studio, or just grab your significant other by the hand for a heart-healthy date on the living room floor, stretching toward yoga’s many benefits.


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