Melanoma rise in kids

The sun takes a toll on how we look and live in the long run

OK … it’s not something you always notice about people. But one of my dearest friends has flawless skin. She’s not only beautiful, she’s smart. She protects her skin from the sun because she knows the sun takes a toll on how we look and live in the long run. She is, however, in the minority. That’s why I wasn’t surprised today to see a new report about the rise in melanoma cases among children.

The biggest increase is among girls 15 to 19 years old. Melanoma is rare as skin cancer goes, but it’s the deadliest type. Why the jump in melanoma cases? Peer and media pressure, which says a tan makes you beautiful, could be partly to blame. The truth is, a tan only makes you part of the crowd that will have wrinkled, damaged skin when you’re older. And looking old might not be the worst of it. You could also end up dealing with skin cancer.

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