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Norton Brownsboro Hospital expansion opens

The expansion of Norton Brownsboro Hospital is complete, with 70 new patient beds, advancements in stroke and aneurysm capabilities and a larger emergency department.

The expansion of Norton Brownsboro Hospital is complete, with 70 new patient beds — a 55% increase — advancements in stroke and aneurysm care capabilities and a larger emergency department.

The new emergency department has 42 patient care areas, including two triage rooms, 33 exam rooms and a dedicated space for performing rapid electrocardiograms (EKGs). Six fast-track bays are a fresh innovation designed for treating minor conditions, freeing exam rooms for patients with more serious conditions.

“From the beginning, we’ve taken pride in offering exceptional care and service. People took notice quickly, and we eventually found ourselves with more patients wanting to come here than we had space for,” said Regina Hymer, vice president for patient care services at Norton Brownsboro Hospital.

The expansion builds on the facility’s neurosciences services with the addition of epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs). The expansion also includes two new neurointerventional operating rooms. These new operating rooms are equipped with state-of the-art biplane angiography machines for neurological emergencies such as a stroke or an aneurysm.

“As a certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, Norton Brownsboro Hospital delivers the highest level of stroke care,” said Andrew N. Strausbaugh, the hospital’s chief administrative officer. “With the addition of our two new biplane rooms, now we will be able to deliver an even more advanced level of care, using the best technology for our patients.”

With more roof space, the hospital has added a rooftop garden. Providing an area for relaxing, it’s an example of how patient experience has been at the center of Norton Brownsboro Hospital from its initial design. Spacious private patient rooms each have their own bathroom, shower and couch that can be adjusted so visitors can sleep more comfortably.

A bigger and more prominent ambulance bay will allow for easier access to the emergency department.

A new parking structure helps accommodate the hospital’s larger capacity.

With the expansion complete, renovation will begin on approximately 44,000 square feet of space in the original hospital, which opened in 2009. This next phase will continue through early 2022 and will feature a new cardiac catheterization lab, a new cardiopulmonary testing area and a new retail pharmacy.

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