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A deadly road for Kentucky teens

3 ways parents can keep their young drivers safe

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An 8,000-mile journey to change lives

A new Norton physician shows there’s a human side to all the news about public health crises and infectious diseases.

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The joy and pain of two blue lines

Brittany B. shares her journey to becoming pregnant in the first of a series of articles for first-time moms.

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Teen takes health into his own hands

Sam Rickert took charge of his weight by making lifestyle changes that rubbed off on his family and friends, too.

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What not to say to a new mom

Postpartum depression can affect women after the birth of a baby. Here’s what to say and not say to your loved one.

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Staph wars: The robots strike back

Norton Audubon Hospital is waging war on germs with a new robot army.

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Sending support across the river

Cancer patients in Southern Indiana now have a place to turn for hope and healing, thanks to one woman’s vision.

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Snapchat rewind: Chili’s Clip for Kids

Highlights from the Children’s Hospital Foundation cancer fundraising event Sunday, May 15.

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Run, bike, swim: Oh, tri!

With kid-size triathlons trending, we wondered how intense is too intense. Turns out the benefits are plentiful.

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F.A.S.T. thinking saves man having stroke

Wife’s quick action contributed to her husband’s full recovery after stroke.

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(Waist) size matters

What can your waist size tell you about your heart health? Use this guide to find out how your heart is measuring up.

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Working longer may keep you young

New study finds working past typical retirement age can boost your health.

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