Pets keep the heart healthy

A new study found there’s something else you can do to be "heart healthy."

There are many things you can do to be “heart healthy”: You should watch what you eat, get regular exercise and keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check. A new study found there’s something else you can do — or may already be doing.

The American Heart Association issued a statement that says “owning a dog may reduce one’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.” A panel of experts examined data on the cardiovascular benefits of owning a pet and found owning a dog is “probably associated” with the reduced risk of heart disease. One of the panelists told the New York Times, “We didn’t want to make this too strong of a statement, but there are plausible psychological, sociological, and physiological reasons to believe that pet ownership might actually have a causal role in decreasing cardiovascular risk.”

And it wasn’t just dogs that contributed to the cardiovascular benefit. Cats made the list too. For more on this story go to The Advisory Board Company’s story, Cardiologists: Pets boost heart health  story.


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