Soft drinks and diabetes

Should soft drink containers have health warnings?

Should soft drink containers have health warnings like the ones on cigarette packages? Some people think so. A new study shows that drinking just one soft drink a day can increase your risk of getting diabetes by 22 percent.

The average soft drink has 140 to 150 calories. The same goes for sweet tea, coffee-cappuccino mixes and other sweetened beverages. Soft drinks and other sugared beverages are often linked to increased obesity rates in the United States.

We already know that obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. Over time, the body’s ability to regulate insulin diminishes and Type 2 diabetes often is the result. Diabetes can lead to strokes, heart attacks and blindness.

Worldwide diabetes diagnoses are skyrocketing. The International Diabetes Federation says the number of people with diabetes is expected to double to 552 million by 2030. Kentucky, unfortunately, is at the top of the list when it comes to the percentage of people developing diabetes. Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet may be the first step toward changing an unhealthy trend.

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–Jackie Hays


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