Summer Camp Physicals

Near the top of your to-do list should be getting those camp and sports physicals ASAP.

Many parents are in the midst of carefully plotting out their family’s summer schedules, and if you’re like me, coordinating the whole mess requires a spread sheet, a mapping app and an advanced degree in logistics management.

It all comes down to timing. That, and having the proper forms filled out. And near the top of your to-do list should be getting those camp and sports physicals ASAP.

Many camps or programs want required forms turned in early, so don’t get caught in a time crunch by waiting until it’s time to start packing for camp.

One year, my daughters went to a scout camp two states away, and the registrar had a bit of a fit that our Kentucky physical forms didn’t have the same information as their state’s.

If your kids are traveling out-of-state, make sure that you don’t need any special paperwork filled out by their doctor in addition to the standard physical forms,  so you won’t be caught off-guard at check-in. Some camps or programs require copies of  immunization records, but others don’t. Some require a physical examination within the past 24 months, and others stipulate the exam forms can’t be more than 12 months old. Some require a parent’s signature before they’ll let your children take medicine at camp, and others require a doctor’s signature for this.

Many camps now require parents to turn in forms weeks or even months in advance, or through an on-line service that the physician logs on to while you’re in the office.

Remember to keep copies for yourself and take them with you to check-in, in case of crisis. You don’t want to arrive to check in and hear someone say, “No, we never received your forms. We thought you’d bring them today.”

Perhaps you could even scan the forms into your computer, and have them accessible on your phone or laptop. One benefit of scanning is that you’ll have the information for your children’s insurance, doctors and emergency contacts, plus a summary of their regular medications and other medical history, at your fingertips in case you ever need it.

The most appropriate place to take your child for their camp or sports physical is his or her pediatrician’s office, however an immediate care center is another option. Unlike with your regular doctor’s office, you do not need an appointment at the 14 Norton Immediate Care Center locations, and there is even a new call-ahead service to make your wait time as short as possible.

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