Sunshine and mood

Did you know that one form of vitamin D can improve your mood?

We know that we need vitamin D to help build strong bones, but did you know that one form of vitamin D can improve your mood? That’s right. Sunshine is one of the best sources of vitamin D. Studies show that as little as 30 minutes out in the sunshine can make a difference. Warm, sunny weather also is associated with better memory and problem solving. One study found that people who worked outside in moderate weather were more content than those who spent their time indoors. To me that’s a no-brainer. If I’m stuck at work and it’s sunny and mild outside, I feel annoyed about being locked away. And it’s not hard to understand why productivity drops when the weather is great and your work requires you to be inside. The same study also proved that memory scores were better when we have a chance to get a little sun during the day. The weather, of course, can also affect us in negative ways. Have you heard of seasonal affective disorder or SAD? This is a real problem for those who feel blue during winter and happier in spring. How about hot weather? That’s not good either, according to research. Studies show that hot weather results in more violent crime. Our fuses get short and in a flash anger can get the better of us. So how can we use the weather to our benefit? Remember, even 30 minutes outside in warm, sunny weather can put you in a better mood. Don’t spend your lunch break eating at your desk. Take a walk or eat your lunch outside. You might be surprised how much better you feel for the rest of the afternoon.


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