Tai Chi

A way to improve health

Originally developed for self-defense, tai chi is now used as a form of exercise that carries several health benefits. Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that involves a series of slow movements and deep breathing that can fight stress and increase flexibility, balance and concentration.

According to Mayo Clinic, when done correctly, tai chi can:

  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Increase aerobic capacity
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Increase flexibility, balance and agility
  • Increase muscle strength and definition

Some evidence suggests that tai chi may also help:

  • Enhance quality of sleep
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Improve joint pain
  • Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
  • Improve overall well-being in older adults
  • Reduce risk of falls in older adults

Tai chi routines are typically safe, easy to learn and suitable for every fitness level.

Join us for Tai Chi for Arthritis beginning in April. The course consists of 6 sessions at 60 minutes each.


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