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The catch phrase ‘There’s an app for that’ is not far from the truth.

The catch phrase ‘There’s an app for that’ is not far from the truth. Since starting work in digital media during the mid 1990’s, I have never seen such adoption rates as those for mobile apps. Recent research indicates we are on the verge of a mobile revolution with an estimated 500 million globally using health apps by the year 2015. So this morning I did a little research on the iTunes store to see what is available now for health apps. Wow, I found 7,861 apps in the iTunes store alone.

How does one go through all these apps to determine which are beneficial and user friendly? I sent an email to a couple of Norton Healthcare dietitians, Anna Minter and Brittany Stanley, asking for a list of the health apps they recommend to patients. Here are their top picks.

  • Lose It!  (weight management
  • Shop Well  (grocery shopping guide personalized with the user’s specific nutritional needs)
  • The Gluten Detective  (guide for selecting gluten free products for those with intolerance)
  • Map My Run/Ride  (map tracking for walking/running/cycling)
  • iHeadache  (tracks headaches)
  • Period Tracker  (tracks menstrual cycles, cramps, migraines, other symptoms)
  • Allergy Free Entertaining (recipes and tips for serving party guests who have food allergies)

Here are a few I have been hearing buzz about in the media and on social media sites:

  • Jawbone UP, Nike FuelBand and FitBit (fitness apps with wearable devices that monitor your movements)
  • Retrofit (weight-loss program using Skype, Fitbit and live mentors to help you reach your goals)
  • Zombies, Run (a running game that immerses you in an action-packed story while listening to your own music)
  • Pocket Yoga (helps develop yoga skills)
  • American Red Cross First Aid (first aid, emergency and weather preparedness all rolled into one with pictures, video and step-by-step instructions)
  • Skimble (fitness instruction with guided audio and visuals of workouts from fitness instructors)

And please don’t forget these apps from Norton Healthcare:

  • Norton Healthcare (find doctors, locations, maps and events)
  • Norton Children’s Hospital (manage your kids health, find a doctor or location)
  • Pick the Poison Game (helps kids identifying medicines versus candy)
  • MyChart (for patients only, getting lab results, requesting an appointment or emailing your doctor)

While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the best apps available, it can give you some confidence in choosing one to help you reach your goals or to monitor your health.


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