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Norton Healthcare Direct Mission

The mission of Norton Healthcare Direct is to improve the health and well-being of our members, through collaboration with providers and by developing and implementing solutions for improving cost and quality across the care continuum.

Why Choose Norton Healthcare Direct?

We all want to be healthy and have a well workforce. Offering your employees important preventive medical care and health education not only reduces costly medical claims but is shown to boost employee morale and retention.

As an employer working with Norton Healthcare, you can design a health insurance solution that meets the specific needs of your unique workforce and allows you to control costs, coordinate care and improve health care satisfaction — while supporting employee wellness.

Local Care

Because we have such a broad and comprehensive network, Norton Healthcare is uniquely positioned to offer a solution to address the health care needs of your workforce. As the health care marketplace transitions from volume to value, direct contracting arrangements create an opportunity for employers and health care providers to work together to achieve affordable, quality health care that’s easy to use.

Norton Healthcare Direct allows self-insured employers to contract directly with our network of providers and facilities. We develop payment model options aimed at reducing health care expenditures and enhancing quality of care. Direct contracting arrangements embody the belief that “health care is local” and can serve to build valuable bonds between health providers and local businesses. They also create an opportunity to showcase our providers’ ability to control costs, coordinate care and improve patient satisfaction in ways that cannot be done by large insurers.

What’s in It for Your Organization?

What Makes Us Unique?

Care That’s Easy to Find

Manage Your Health

Norton Healthcare Direct members have access to a variety of benefits. The following services are available through the Norton Healthcare mobile app:

Additional Services


Norton Healthcare is recognized consistently as a leading health care provider by several organizations. These recognitions and awards are a testament to our commitment to the patients and communities we serve. Recent recognitions include:

Our organizational vision is founded on the principle of setting the standard for quality and caring, and we hold ourselves accountable for the care we provide.

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Let us help you get control over the quality and rising costs of health care benefits. We invite you to contract directly with Norton Healthcare to partner in delivering high-quality, cost-effective care to your workforce.

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