Private rooms

At Norton Healthcare, we take pride in offering expectant moms a comfortable environment while providing specialized care. We strive to meet your individual needs and exceed your expectations, giving you the birthing experience you want and the care you may need. This includes private labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) rooms that provide comfort and a homelike feel.

Our LDR concept means you go through labor, have your baby and recover all in one private, comfortable room.

The birth of your baby is a happy time that should include everyone in your family. Partners or support people are encouraged to take an active role from labor through birth and beyond. Our rooms include recliners and sofa sleepers, so a partner or loved one can spend the night in your room.

Rooms are tastefully decorated with calming colors and wood furniture to create a homelike setting for you and your family.

C-section and fetal monitoring suites

For moms delivering via cesarean section, we offer specially equipped suites. In these cases, the operating room is used for the birth, and a private LDR room is used for recovery.

We also have special suites equipped with the latest technology when fetal monitoring is needed. Every room is private to ensure your comfort.

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