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What is a sponsored account?

For studies reviewed by the University of Louisville Institutional Review Board (IRB), individuals on the study are required to have a UofL sponsored account. A sponsored account provides limited access to UofL systems and sometimes university email. Without a sponsored account the IRB submission software will not allow non-UofL employees to be added to university systems.

How do I get a University of Louisville sponsored account?

Contact the Norton Healthcare Research Office at ro@nortonhealthcare.org for a form to request a sponsored account. Complete the form and return the document to the Norton Healthcare Research Office at ro@nortonhealthcare.orgThe form will be submitted on your behalf to the Human Subjects Protection Program for creation of the sponsored account.

Do I need a University of Louisville email account?

If you have a UofL sponsored email account you were notified when it was established. To keep the account active you must change your password every six months. If you do not keep the password current, your account may be inactivated permanently. New sponsored accounts are not assigned a university email account.

I need assistance with my iRIS submission to the University of Louisville IRB. What do I do?

Contact the Norton Healthcare Research Office regulatory department at regulatory@nortonhealthcare.org or the IRB office at (502) 852-5188.

For specific requirements for each level of credentialing, contact the Norton Healthcare Research Office.

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