4 fun activities for your whole family

Make the most of the holiday weekend and cooler weather

It’s no secret that being active is important. Need some fun and easy ways to get the whole family involved? This weekend is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the fresh air while setting a great example of being active for your kids!

  1. Head to the park together and play Frisbee or tag, enjoy the playground equipment or take a walk.
  2. Take a nature walk or hike and look for interesting or unusual plants, birds, bugs and other animals. Bring binoculars and magnifying glasses for a closer look and a camera to record your finds. Don’t forget to pack water to stay hydrated and bug spray, sunscreen and a hat to be protected while you are exploring.
  3. Play follow the leader, taking turns weaving your way through the backyard, neighborhood or a park. Include jumps, skips and other fun moves for your followers to imitate.
  4. Teach your children games from your childhood. Remember hopscotch; Simon says; duck, duck, goose; red light, green light; and other games you played as a kid? They count as exercise and will give your kids something fun to teach their friends.

Looking for some more ways to be active as a family?

Sign up for these fun events:

Participate in the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Subway Fresh Fit Hike & Bike at the Waterfront Park’s Great Lawn on Monday, Sept. 5. Don’t forget to check out the Norton Sports Health booth!

  • Register for the Bike to Beat Cancer Family Ride. This 5-mile ride on Saturday, Sept. 17 features plenty of rest stops and support for even beginner riders.

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