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Ivy-jai and her family exercise at home for good health

Ivy-jai is an energetic 2-year-old who loves the camera and exercises every day, so it’s only natural her mother would enter a video of the girl in Norton Healthcare’s Every Kid Healthy Challenge.

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Study: Breastfeeding reduces risk of heart disease

Potential to reduce rates of leading cause of death

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Where to get a COVID-19 test

If you need a COVID-19 test and don’t have symptoms or have very minimal symptoms, the best place to go is one of the many drive-thru testing centers around the Louisville area.

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Exercise after COVID-19 can reverse the “deconditioning” of being sick

Exercise after COVID-19, under the guidance of a physical therapist, can help combat the fatigue and weakness that can linger for months after recovery.

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Louisville visitor goes to Norton Audubon Hospital with intense stomach pain — not a moment too soon

When Rob Priest arrived by ambulance at Norton Audubon Hospital, he learned the truth was far worse than a tainted meal. An aneurysm on Rob’s aorta had ruptured in his abdomen.

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How to get back into running marathons or minis

Getting back into running can seem daunting if you’ve been away from marathons, minis or running in general. Here are some tips.

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How do I know if I had a seizure?

If you had your first seizure, you should see a doctor immediately.

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Biking to beat cancer and supporting others — from Massachusetts

‘Who cares that I’m in Massachusetts and you’re in Kentucky? We’re all in this battle together.’

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King’s Daughters’ Health officially joins Norton Healthcare as the system’s sixth hospital and first outside of Louisville

King’s Daughters’ Health, located in Madison, Indiana, has officially joined the Louisville-based Norton Healthcare system.

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Player injured in second quarter returns to play in the fourth quarter

UofL and Norton Sports Health return injured player to game almost immediately

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COVID-19 Pfizer booster approval expanded to 16 and older

COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are now available to those ages 16 and older who received their second Pfizer dose six or more months ago.

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Why you need an annual checkup

Your primary care provider will look for any early signs of disease and help you arrange annual screenings you may need.

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