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From a December hip replacement to learning to surf by summer

With a novel surgical technique, hip replacement patients typically go home the same day.

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Fort Knox area gets easier access to military veteran sports medicine physician

The rigors of military training put similar strains on the body as athletics. Sports medicine specialists like Scotty Newcomer, D.O., have training and experience to treat these unique conditions.

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Lynn Hundley named American Heart Association Volunteer of the Year

The American Heart Association has named Lynn Hundley, director of clinical effectiveness and stroke care at Norton Neuroscience Institute, as its 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

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On-site genomic testing at Norton Cancer Institute allows fast and precise treatment

This highly specialized testing makes it possible to diagnose and treat cancer more precisely and to tailor advanced treatments based on a tumor’s specific genetic composition.

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Thinking of going back to the gym? Ask these questions first

Kentucky requires wearing a mask at the gym when not exercising. As long as there is at least 6 feet between individuals and the facility is cleaned as required, a mask is not required while actively exercising.

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Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery allows for greater precision

Robotic knee replacement surgery helps doctors find the right placement, even adjusting the knee implant by as little as 1 or 2 degrees or millimeters.

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Stress and coronavirus pandemic may be driving uptick in migraines

Even for those who have not been infected with the coronavirus, all the stress that comes with a global pandemic can contribute to an increase in migraines.

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COVID-19 hospitalizations increase at Norton Healthcare, but cases less severe

Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased at Norton Healthcare in recent weeks, but fewer patients require ventilators and intensive care.

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Kimberly A. Wright, APRN, is back home in Shelbyville to take care of friends and neighbors

Kimberly started recently at Norton Community Medical Associates – Shelbyville primary care practice. She takes same-day appointments and accepts walk-in patients.

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Cancer during pandemic, quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed cancer treatments and diagnosis.

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COVID-19 transmission risk for moms and babies

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, the medical community learns more about how it affects certain populations.

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New technology reduces side effects and allows for fewer, but stronger, prostate cancer radiation treatments

By temporarily creating a space between the rectum and the prostate, radiation oncologists can perform fewer treatments with higher radiation doses.

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