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Soothing postpartum vaginal soreness

Here are ways to soothe itching and soreness after birth if you had vaginal tears or an episiotomy.

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Sure, telehealth is safe, but for one cancer patient it’s just so convenient

Many of Misty Aubrey’s appointments with her oncologist and other providers are now done from home.

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Gaining skills on the job to rise from entry-level receptionist to office coordinator

A 12-week program provides coaching, mentoring, educational opportunities and assistance in creating a personalized career development plan.

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Louisville native raises money for health care providers’ meals in her hometown

Ellen Werner and her siblings have raised more than $22,500 to provide thousands of meals from Masterson’s Catering to Norton Healthcare employees.

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Norton Healthcare to construct permanent express testing/low-contact center

A permanent drive-thru/walk-up express health care site will be built on the corner of Breckenridge Lane and Taylorsville Road, and will offer health screenings and testing, vaccinations, diagnostics and lab work.

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CDC warning about fitness classes as Kentucky and Indiana gyms reopen

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has traced a COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea to dance workout classes.

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Norton Healthcare expands access to community COVID-19 testing

Norton Healthcare is pleased to begin providing COVID-19 testing to anyone in the community. This includes individuals who are required by their employer to be tested.

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Respuestas a preguntas comunes sobre la prueba COVID-19

Con una mayor disponibilidad de la prueba de PCR para el coronavirus que causa la COVID-19, aquí hay algunas respuestas a preguntas comunes.

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Compassionate care in a time of crisis

Two nurses stay bedside as a patient with COVID-19 passes away

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Answers to common questions about COVID-19 testing

With wider availability of the PCR test for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, here are some answers to common questions.

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More crazy, scary dreams? Welcome to coronavirus pandemic dreams

These are anxious times, and dreams help process anxiety. Some tips for dealing with coronavirus pandemic dreams

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How to put on and take off a face mask safely

Even if you feel fine, you could have COVID-19, and wearing a mask can prevent unknowingly spreading the disease to others.

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