Norton Healthcare Breast Health Program

Through the combined services of Norton Women’s Care and Norton Cancer Institute, the Norton Healthcare Breast Health Program, accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), offers high-quality care with a holistic approach to support breast health.

Breast Health at Any Age

Breast health begins with breast awareness — understanding a sense of “what’s normal” for your breasts. You may find that your breasts may feel different at various points during the month due to your menstrual cycle; they could be more sensitive or have a different texture. Breast awareness, along with monthly self-exams and working with a health care provider to do a breast exam annually, can help a woman under 40 manage her breast health.

Women under 40 can experience breast cancer, but common breast conditions with this age group can include:

  • Fibrocystic breast disease: This noncancerous condition includes breast pain, cysts and lumps.
  • Fibroadenomas: Fibrous and glandular tissue creates small bumps that may cause pain.

Women age 40 and older should consider an annual mammogram in addition to monthly self-exams and an annual breast exam from a health care provider.

If you’re due for a mammogram, consider the merits of going to a nationally accredited program.

Louisville’s Leader in Breast Cancer Care

A woman has a 1 in 8 chance (about 13%) of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. Because a mammogram can detect the disease in its early stages, it is your best defense against breast cancer.

The Norton Healthcare Breast Health Program is the leading provider of breast care in Louisville and Southern Indiana. It offers the latest resources, diagnostic testing and treatment services available to women in the community, including:

  • Multiple mammography locations and a mobile prevention unit for convenient care
  • Same-day results for most patients
  • The latest breast screening technologies to detect even the tiniest tumors, including state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, digital and 3D mammography, breast ultrasound and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • A full range of diagnostic and treatment programs designed to promote breast health
  • Dedicated patient navigators to help guide patients through the breast health journey
  • Same-day appointments for those diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Monthly breast cancer support groups for any woman affected by breast cancer
  • Norton Cancer Institute Behavioral Oncology Program, designed to provide supportive emotional and psychological care for patients diagnosed with breast cancer

Our breast cancer specialists are board-certified and fellowship-trained leaders in their field. They are at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to getting patients back to living their lives.

The physicians and staff provide an integrated treatment plan tailored to meet each patient’s needs with careful consideration for the entire family, from the point of an abnormal mammogram through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

To learn more about prevention and detection or breast cancer treatment options, click below.

To schedule your mammogram, click here or call (502) 485-4700.

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