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As we age, we realize our health truly is a gift. Staying active and feeling good become meaningful goals.

Specialized programs and services tailored to help people age 65 and older live healthy and independent lives include:

  • Norton House Calls: This service sends nurse practitioners to homebound seniors so they can maintain their independence longer. For more information on the Norton House Calls program, call (502) 272-5044.
  • Norton Community Medical Associates – Geriatrics: This innovative physician practice provides cost-effective, quality on-site care to patients in nursing homes. For a list of the nursing homes we visit, call (502) 272-5087.
  • Geriatric Care Services at Norton Audubon Hospital: A program focused on caring for senior patients in a way that keeps them active and mobile with the goal of getting them home from the hospital with more mobility than they had when they were admitted.

Geriatric Care Services at Norton Audubon Hospital uses a proactive approach to provide specialized inpatient care for older adults and assist them in recovery. This includes:

  • Coping strategies and emotional/spiritual care
  • Patient and family involvement
  • Safe medication management
  • Physical activity to improve balance and help prevent falls
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Activities for the mind to improve memory and thinking skills
  • Discharge planning/care transition
  • Community education on a variety of topics for caregivers

Norton Audubon Hospital is a NICHE-designated hospital (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders). NICHE-designated hospitals strive to provide sensitive and exemplary care to older patients by encouraging and supporting an environment that addresses the special physical and social needs of older adult patients as well as their families.

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