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If you are living with health issues related to the endocrine system, you are not alone. Norton Community Medical Associates – Endocrinology offers comprehensive and personalized care across the Greater Louisville area.

Our nationally recognized team of endocrinologists provide:

  • Access to care at five Norton Community Medical Associates – Endocrinology locations, including Saturday hours
  • Collaborative care — a care team that believes in your holistic health and in many cases shares space with primary care providers
  • The largest diabetes care program in Kentucky, Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute, a part of Norton Healthcare
  • Access to certified diabetes educators, endocrinology nurse navigators and virtual support groups
  • A transition program for young adults with diabetes to aid them in navigating adult care and taking charge of their own health
  • A deep commitment to innovation and advancing the science of diabetes care through research and a partnership with Wendy Novak Diabetes Institute
  • Acceptance of Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans
  • Open communication with your provider through your Norton MyChart account, where you can manage appointments, get on the waitlist for an earlier appointment, refill prescriptions and more

What Does an Endocrinologist Do?

Your body relies on your endocrine system, a group of hormone-producing glands in the body, to maintain a balance for your body’s basic functions such as metabolism, mood, fertility, growth, sexual development and more. If your hormones are out of balance, an endocrinologist can provide specialized care to diagnose and treat the issue.

Your primary care provider can help you manage prediabetes and even diabetes in some cases. However, if you have concerns about your hormonal health or have been referred by your primary care doctor, spending time with an endocrinologist can help provide a specialized approach to diagnosing and managing your condition. Your endocrinologist may recommend diagnostic testing, medication or hormone therapy, or surgery. Not every condition, however, needs medical intervention.

What We Treat

Our endocrinologists provide care for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, thyroid disease, pituitary disease, low testosterone and other hormonal conditions that may affect metabolism, growth and sexual development.  

Diabetes Care

Our multidisciplinary team includes your endocrinologist, certified diabetes care and education specialists, dietitians and support staff who will support you to help manage your diabetes, understand your treatment plan and make lifestyle choices that work for you. We also host virtual and in-person support groups for patients and their care team at home.


Five specialty endocrinology locations in the Louisville area, including Elizabethtown, make it more convenient to get care for diabetes and other endocrine conditions.

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