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Your primary health care provider knows your health history, supports your overall well-being and, if you need advanced care, will be your guide to the right specialists.

Primary health care providers help keep you healthy and get you the treatment you need when and where you need it. Norton Community Medical Associates offices provide primary care in Louisville, Southern Indiana and surrounding areas at over 35 locations. Our offices are staffed by teams of experienced providers who specialize in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics

With your primary care provider as your medical home, Norton Community Medical Associates offers you many options to get the health care you need, from annual checkups and immunizations to sick visits and management of chronic diseases.

Annual Physical Reveals Lifelong Heart Condition

Barry Barmore was feeling a little sluggish, but his annual checkup revealed much more.

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Benefits of choosing a Norton Community Medical Associates primary care provider:

What to Expect From Your Primary Health Care Provider

  • Personalized care plan that you and your provider design to address your health concerns
  • Medication monitoring to help you manage and understand the medications you take
  • Advice to help you follow your care plan and meet your goals
  • Encouragement and connection with others who share your health concerns

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Emergency Care

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