4 things you didn’t know MyChart can do

You know it keeps you on top of your health, but it does so much more

As a long-time MyChart user, I’ve enjoyed easy online access to my health information and medical provider. I’ve even helped many of my friends and family do the same.

MyChart simplifies how you communicate with your Norton provider, pay your bill, view your medical history and much more. But did you know about these other MyChart features?

  1. Have a secure online visit with a provider. MyChart’s newest feature, Norton eCare, gives me even more options for getting care when it’s convenient for me. An eCare video visit allows me to see a provider for a face-to-face visit through a computer webcam or on a mobile device with the MyChart app. Or I can connect with an eCare provider through an eVisit via secure messaging with the use of an online questionnaire about my symptoms. Norton eCare is great if you think you have a cold and really don’t want to get out of bed, or if you cannot miss work or other obligations to see a provider in person.
  2. Compare test results over time. I get annual wellness exams and can compare my lab work year over year in an easy-to-read graph form. This allows me to watch my cholesterol, blood sugar and other results over time and stay on top of any health changes. This is especially handy if you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, where it’s important to know your A1C levels over time.
  3. Follow your parent’s or child’s health. MyChart allows me proxy access to my aging parents’ medical information. You also can do this for children through proxy access. Easily keep up with your family members’ immunizations, prescriptions, allergies and more.
  4. Get automatic reminders. MyChart works with me to keep me healthy by sending me reminders when I’m due for a vaccine, screening or test.

If you have not yet signed up for MyChart, get started now. If you’re already a user, log in to your MyChart account and see how these features can benefit you.

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