4 ways prenatal yoga is good for mom and baby

Is prenatal yoga right for you?

Prenatal yoga is gaining popularity among expectant women. And it’s no wonder. The benefits are plentiful: It helps you connect with your developing baby, gives you nurturing time together, helps you practice controlled breathing in preparation for labor, and it keeps your muscles toned and flexible when you might have had to slow down your pre-pregnancy workout routine.

Expectant moms who do prenatal yoga can expect to learn:

  1. How to target specific areas in the body that tend to cause discomfort during pregnancy, like low back, hips and legs
  2. Deeper breathing, centering and visualization techniques that can be used for labor and delivery
  3. Stretching and strengthening exercises that are safe during pregnancy
  4. How to slow down and focus your attention on your body

Movements and breathing or calming techniques transfer in a positive way to the baby. Rarely in our busy lives do we take an hour to slow down and center.

“Our nervous systems tend to be on high alert throughout the day, and when you are pregnant this does not serve the baby well, as it can cause unwanted hormones like cortisol to be released in the body,” said Lisa Bauman, certified yoga instructor.

Taking time to slow down the nervous system while pregnant helps the baby grow in a healthy, relaxed environment.

Norton Women’s Care offers prenatal yoga. The five-week series is taught by a certified yoga instructor. A physician release is required.


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