Are you calling me fat?

The do’s and don’ts of giving fitness trackers this holiday season

If you think a fitness tracker will make the perfect gift, you may want to think twice. While they are a popular gadget, they can carry a negative stigma that may have you wishing you got Aunt Shelia a scarf instead.

Avoid the awkwardness around the tree by following these dos and don’ts when considering a fitness tracker as a gift this holiday season.

DO: Make it a team effort
Consider buying a similar fitness tracker for yourself so you can team up with your pal and keep each other accountable and motivated. Many fitness trackers sync to apps that allow you to “friend” others and create challenges that promote activity and healthy habits. By making it a team effort, your gift is more likely to be used and appreciated.

DON’T: Avoid making the gift about weight loss
Fitness trackers can be a great tool to kick-start a new healthy living plan; however, you don’t want your gift to come across as a suggestion to lose weight. Highlight the other unique features of the fitness tracker, such as having a GPS, monitoring sleep patterns, providing a weather forecast, syncing with music or sending text messages.

DO: Look for a fashionable wearable
Many fitness trackers come in sleek designs or offer a variety of colorful bands, making it a stylish accessory. Consider buying one that adds flare to functionality so your pal is more likely to wear and use it.

DON’T: One-size does not fit all
One of the biggest features of most fitness trackers is their ability to sync with smartphones, allowing you to keep track of your daily steps and other health habits. However, not all fitness trackers sync to all smartphone devices. Do some sleuthing before you purchase one to make sure it is compatible with your pal’s smartphone.

Make sure your holidays are jolly and not sorry by, above all, having good intentions when giving your gift.


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