Celebrating Norton Healthcare’s remarkable nurses

Nurses of the Year named

This week, May 15 to 21, 2017, Norton Healthcare is honoring our nearly 4,000 nursing staff members’ noble work. Every day, our nurses strive for a higher standard of excellence in caring for our community.

On May 15, we honored 11 extraordinary nurses for exceptional service. They are:

Rebecca W. Jernigan, Norton Audubon Hospital
Michael E. Richter, Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Amy L. Johnson, Norton Children’s Hospital
Audrey A. Frias, Norton Hospital
Jessica Valentine, Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Amanda M. McCauley, Norton Cancer Institute
Elaine May, Norton Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro
Libby McKinney, Norton Clinical Agency
E. A. Cole, Norton Faith & Health Ministries
Megan E. Tabor, Norton Medical Group
Judy A. Eberenz, Norton Children’s Hospital, was honored as Nurse Leader of the Year

We applaud our nurses’ ongoing professional evolution to learn more, reach higher and incorporate new practices. Thank you for your commitment to compassion care of our patients.


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