Comprehensive cancer care includes expertise, compassion and art

Norton Cancer Institute-Brownsboro’s striking art glass, plus other commissioned works and meditation garden, are supported by gifts made through the Norton Healthcare Foundation.

A striking work of architectural art glass will define Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro’s first-floor meditation room when the comprehensive cancer center opens this November. Dubbed “The Falls of the Ohio,” this unique creation evokes feelings of strength and peace. It serves as a bold, curved “exterior curtain wall” that anchors the center as a place of hope.

Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro

In addition to offices across Louisville and Southern Indiana, Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro will offer a range of services all in one location.

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The artwork includes 13 panels that together measure about 7 feet high and 23 feet long. It was created by world-acclaimed and Kentucky-born artist Guy Kemper to symbolize the splashing of water and the interplay of light.

“Seeing the Falls of the Ohio gives me a sense of God’s power and goodness,” Guy said. “I wanted to give those visiting this space that same feeling.”

Guy’s work and other commissioned art pieces, along with the new center’s meditation garden, were made possible from special gifts made through the Norton Healthcare Foundation.

At Norton Cancer Institute – Brownsboro, expertise and compassionate care will come together to meet the unique needs of each patient. Watch this brief video to see “The Falls of the Ohio”art glass being installed and hear more about art’s healing power.

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