Daniel Plan book offers a holistic path to wellness

The Daniel Plan may sound like the name of the latest diet craze, it’s anything but.

While it may sound like the name of the latest diet craze, it’s anything but. The Daniel Plan offers a holistic approach to healthy living. Originating at Saddleback Church in California, the book called, “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life,” leads readers through a unique journey to wellness following five areas of health. Each area explores a new piece to the wellness puzzle.

Five areas of health

–        Faith: Your faith can help you grow.

–        Food: Eat from the farm, not the factory.

–        Fitness: Movement should be enjoyable.

–        Focus: Harness your thought processes to find success.

–        Friends: You are not alone.

As you read each chapter, you’ll discover that the Daniel Plan is not a fad diet or personal training program at all, but rather a mindset focused on health from the inside out.

N Good Health, Norton Healthcare’s employee wellness program, has led over 600 Norton employees through the book since it began facilitating the book club several years ago. Its participants have experienced real results:

–        89 percent made changes in spiritual health

–        96 percent made changes in nutritional habits

–        93 percent made changes in fitness habits

–        82 percent made changes in emotional/mental health

–        79 percent made changes in social health


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