Daniel Plan: Keeping the faith

The power of faith can help you make real changes in your life

If you are following along with the Daniel Plan, you have read the first two chapters of the book. From just those first few pages, you likely noticed the Daniel Plan isn’t just a diet or fitness regimen, but rather a way of living that emphasizes much more than how we eat and whether we exercise.

The first area of focus is faith. While this section takes a Christian perspective, people of all religions can be inspired by the stories and how the basic ideas of faith, strength and courage can be useful along your wellness journey.

Chapter 3 begins:

“Before you can make any healthy changes in your life, you must first believe those changes are possible.”

The Daniel Plan harnesses the power of faith to help participants make real changes in their lives. Faith not only gives you courage to make changes but the strength to act when things get tough or a change is needed. But, author Rev. Rick Warren reminds us that faith alone won’t change things for us.

“God supplies the resources and power for change, but we must make choices to activate those things in our lives.”

Our faith can give us perspective on why we should make changes and show us that God is with us on this journey.

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