Daniel Plan: Sharpen your focus

Understanding how your brain works can help improve mental and physical health.

Are you ready to explore your brain? If you are following along with our Daniel Plan book club, you are getting to the bottom of how your brain works to help improve both your mental and physical health.

Your brain releases chemicals every time you have a thought that can make you feel either good or bad. In chapter six of the Daniel Plan, we discover ways to navigate chronic stress, negative thought patterns and overall negative attitudes that can be toxic to mental health and derail focus.

Want an easy way to break through negative thoughts?

The Daniel Plan shows us that by simply asking, “Is it true?” we can break through negative thought patterns. Use these three powerful words anytime you face self-doubt, negativity or stress. Focus on what is true and right. Consider starting a gratitude journal, setting positive intentions or repeating daily affirmations to improve your focus on what is true.


The journey is underway for Norton Healthcare employees. Follow hashtags #NGoodHealth and #DanielPlan on social media to see stories from Norton Healthcare employees who are completing the Daniel Plan and discover your own path the wellness.

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